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west Tisbury

West Tisbury, MA

11   /   06   /   2023

A long held dream to build on a long held property, and trust in Robert Young’s vision and team led to a singular home on a spectacular property. This was a great collaboration in the office, with the client and with the builder. The charge was to design a space to accommodate an extended family while allowing for the client to have a sense of place and permanence. The main living space was curved to shorten the perceived length of the space, and take advantage of the suns path through the day. A sleeping wing accommodates many and in a variety of configurations. The clients master bedroom is perched on the second floor. Sweeping views are found throughout, looking out to a grassy meadow and then the sea. The building is energy efficient, partially due to the curved form, but mostly through thoughtful construction detailing and a careful selection of equipment. 


Design Team:

Robert Young Architects - Robert Young, John Buckley, Charisma Panchapakesan, Thomas Walther

Energy consultant, Zero Energy Design - Jordan Goldman

Builder - Andrew Flake Construction

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