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Orient Point, NY

11   /   06   /   2023

A creative couple, a marginal building and a fantastic site is where this project started. The goal was to rehab and modify the modernist 60’s structure which led to a full interior and exterior gut, plenty of formal modifications and the addition of an enclosed screen porch. There was also a strong emphasis on making an energy efficient home, and the decision was made to follow the Passive House standards as far as possible. The home is a quiet escape from the city with studio space for a working artist couple. A light well in the upstairs hall brings light into the stairwell and the middle of the building below. The interior is clad with plywood and integrates with millwork for a warm feeling that’s very simple and clean formally. 


Design Team:

Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects - Bill Ryall, John Buckley

Energy & Passive House Consultant -  David White

Millwork - Max Wang

Builder - Phil Manuele

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