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Brooklyn, NY

The full gut of an ornate terracotta and limestone facade townhouse exposed significant structural damage, and rehabbing the building became a technical challenge in parallel to making a wonderful home. In addition to repairs at the front facade, the rear of the building was extended and included large openings. A partial depth pent house floor was also added. All the steel and reinforced masonry allowed for light wells in the roof and floor plates to flood the interior with light from above. A new spiral stair was fabricated off site.  The design is modern and colorful, and functions well for a family of four with space enough to stretch out and accommodate extended family. The rear of the home opens up on all floors with access to a garden or views to it. Custom millwork and furniture compliment the interior spaces with a cozy feel that’s highly functional. Credit the fantastic clients on this one for their vision, trust and perseverance. 


Design Team:

CWB Architects - Brendan Coburn, John Buckley, Leah Solk, Chuck Drapper

Furniture - Max Wang

Builder - Pilaster Construction

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