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Northaven, NY

11   /   06   /   2023

This project had an ambitious set of goals and a (relatively) tight budget to achieve it. It was to be a second family home for a couple and their parents who’s primary homes were in different cities. It was also configured to be a part time retail property and required an understanding of how to secure the home when in rental mode. The design makes a clear delineation between shared and sleeping spaces with an entrance area that separates the two and leads one’s eye out to the pool. The five bedroom home has an efficient plan dictated by a long and narrow lot, but it never feels tight or pinched and the flow is great. Attention was given to clean modern detail inside and out as well as views throughout the building and the site.


Design team:

CWB Architects - Ward Welch, John Buckley, Sherry Ng and Jenna Balute.

Interior design - Lucy Harris Interior Design

Landscape architecture - Liz Pulver Design

Builder - Koncelik Construction

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