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Huron Village

Cambridge MA

11   /   06   /   2023

Situated in coveted Cambridge neighborhood, this project had several goals. The first was to breath life into a rather bland interior. This was done by a new floor stain and door hardware throughout. Paint and wallpaper break up each space in a wonderfully eclectic way.


The second charge for the project was turning an unfinished attic space into a bedroom suite for the couple three daughters. The plan outlines a large bedroom space with some interior carpentry and millwork tricks to hide mechanical equipment. There is a wide double sided shared dressing closet for the girls that leads into a well functioning bathroom in a tight space. Arch top doors allowed for a gracious sense of height despite the pitch of the ceiling.


The master bathroom was also completely redone and the result is a neutral calm oasis. A phase two is in the works with a redesigned first floor plan, kitchen and back of house.


Architect - JB-AD

Interior Design - Mia Carta Interior Design 

Builder - S+H Construction

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